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Unhealthy Frozen Pie

The fact that frozen pies aren’t exactly the healthiest option should come as no surprise. They are heavily processed and completely devoid of vitamins. However, some people are always worse than others. You might be tempted to use these quick fixes to adorn your dinner table or provide a potluck contribution as the holidays approach. Nothing is wrong with that, either! As long as you take care to avoid selecting the pies that are by far the worst in the group.

1. Marie Callender’s Apple Pie
Apples are in season in the fall, but you might want to avoid this pie. Amidor advises leaving this small two-serving pie at the supermarket because it has a lot of calories and carbs. One dish has around the same amount of carbohydrates as three slices of bread, which is more than you should eat at once, especially if you’re following a low-carb diet.
The ingredients list for this pie is revealed by Shapiro, and it isn’t wonderful. “This pie contains a number of dangerous components, including gums, the carcinogenic carrageenan, and inflammatory processed soy products. You are getting more chemicals from this ingredient list than actual food.”

2. Banquet Apple Pie
One serving of the Banquet Apple Pie contains a lot of substances you should stay away from. According to Amidor, sodium is close to 21% of the daily recommended intake, while saturated fat supplies 20% of that amount.

Trans fats are not necessary for your body, according to MedlinePlus. While the maximum amount of saturated fat you should consume varies on your daily caloric intake, the American Heart Association suggests a limit of 13 grammes for someone eating 2,000 calories. Therefore, after eating one slice of this pie, you would only have 2 grammes of saturated fat remaining.

3. Edwards Chocolate Crème Pie
Although Edwards Chocolate Crème Pie seems appetising with its layers of cookie crust and chocolate and vanilla cream, it actually contains some unsettling components.

This pie will not only promote inflammation in the body but will also increase your risk for heart disease, advises Shapiro, since it contains 13 grammes of saturated fat along with a number of preservatives, gums, and carrageenan. Additionally, each slice has 25 grammes of sugar, which is more than is recommended per day.

4. Marie Callender’s Southern Pecan pie.
Like the others on this list, Marie Callender’s Southern Pecan Pie is deficient in some nutrients. And even though pecans may be healthful, the bad elements in this pie make it unappealing.

According to Amidor, one slice is equal to 25% of your daily caloric needs (based on a typical 2,000 calorie diet). “30% of the daily required amount of saturated fat is present in grammes, which is far too much for any dessert. Additionally unwholesome and lacking in quality are the substances.”

5. Edwards Key Lime Pie.
After eating a slice of this pie from Edwards, you might feel sleepy even though key lime pie may make you think of Florida beaches. Another pie piece that is loaded with calories. At 17 grammes, the saturated fat is more than 80% of the daily recommended limit for artery-clogging saturated fat. That leaves very little room for further high-saturated-fat meals throughout the day.

Shapiro concurs, stating that each slice of pie has 45 grammes of sugar and 17 grammes of saturated fat. Both of these are over the daily limit and pose threats to one’s health, including the heart.

6. Edwards Turtle Crème Pie.
Another pie from Edwards, however the nutritional value of this turtle creme pie is somewhat lacking.

Amidor advises that the crème pie’s 380 calories per slice are made up primarily of saturated fat, sodium, and carbohydrates. “Even if the calories aren’t the worst, one slice has a whopping 65% of the daily recommended amount of saturated fat! Additionally, if you decide to top this slice with a scoop or two of ice cream, you will significantly exceed the daily requirements for saturated fat. The carb equivalent of three pieces of bread and nearly 14% of the recommended daily intake of sodium per slice make this dessert a touch excessive for this nutritionist. simply excessive”

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