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Top 10 Restaurant Trends- 2023

The American Culinary Federation, Technomic, a research and consulting company, and the National Restaurant Association recently collaborated on the “What’s Hot Survey.” In order to learn more about the anticipated food and menu trends for 2023, researchers surveyed more than 500 professional chefs from the ACF and National Restaurant Association members with chef titles. And it’s quite thrilling.

Here are Top 10 Restaurant Trends in 2023

1. Comfy Food

What could possibly top a plate of creamy mashed potatoes or a flavorful cheeseburger accompanied by a chocolate milkshake? The National Restaurant Association predicts that Americans will order more comfort foods in restaurants in the coming year, and it makes sense. There are now openings of comfort food-focused restaurants across the nation, such Patti Ann’s, which recently opened in Brooklyn. These warm settings frequently offer nostalgic foods that bring back childhood memories and are served in friendly, elevated settings.

2. Healthy Wraps & Sandwiches

People seeking more wholesome options when dining out will continue to favour sandwiches and healthier wraps. Restaurants, including fast-food franchises, should continue innovating and releasing new, healthier sandwich concepts in the next year. For instance, Atlanta-area KFC restaurants have lately started experimenting fried chicken wraps.

3. Restaurant Experience

People now long for social interaction and a sense of connection after spending so much time indoors and away from loved ones during the pandemic. The National Restaurant Association predicts that as a result, community-focused dining experiences will become more prevalent.

For instance, the recently opened Bark Barbecue restaurant in New York City brings back memories of grilling with friends and is located on the rooftop of Time Out Market in DUMBO. The chic Mother Wolf in Los Angeles offers a gorgeously decorated dining area that is ideal for both date nights and large group gatherings.

4. Chicken Sandwich Pro.

Do chicken sandwiches never go out of style, or is it just us? Additionally, they appear to become more inventive each year. The “Chicken Sandwich Pro “—chicken sandwiches
with even more flavors, textures, and ingredients—is anticipated by the National Restaurant Association to become popular in 2023.
With the recent release of its Italian Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which includes mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce, the fast-food business Burger King appears to have already caught on.

5. Streamline menu

While some restaurants are drastically extending their menus, others have started to take a different tack by reducing their selections. In addition to allowing customers to feel less overwhelmed and allowing restaurants to concentrate on creating dishes of the highest calibre, menu simplifying can also help eateries save money.

6. Variations of Sriracha Sauce

We can understand why several Sriracha varieties are expected to become more popular in the coming year. To diversify their offerings, brands are already experimenting with intriguing Sriracha sauce flavors like garlic, cilantro, and bacon. In fact, Heinz has recently added a honey Sriracha sauce to their line-up. We’re eager to discover what more entertaining options may appear on restaurant menus and grocery store shelves.

7. Sustainable Packing

In recent years, sustainability has taken center stage across a wide range of businesses, and the food sector is no exception. While some restaurants are reducing their waste by using repurposed ingredients, others are coming up with innovative ways to be more environmentally friendly by switching to eco-friendly throwaway packaging. For instance, Snuggies’ in San Francisco makes their pizzas with sustainable proteins and repurposed materials.

8. Asian Food

The National Restaurant Association predicts that excellent cuisines from Southeast Asian nations like Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines would be among the top worldwide flavors of 2023. Traditional foods from these nations as well as well-known spices employed in these cuisines are anticipated to take center stage in the upcoming year.

9. Salads

Restaurants are taking notice as consumers seek to add more international ingredients to their salads, such as ginger, black sesame seeds, and Mediterranean-inspired sauces.
Two new globally-inspired salads from the well-known fast-casual restaurant business Noodles Company have just been released. They include ingredients like cotija cheese, chipotle cheddar tortilla strips, and crispy chow Mein noodles. More salads with a worldwide influence are likely to appear on chain and restaurant menus in 2023.

10. Charcuterie boards

In 2023, charcuterie boards will still be popular. In fact, we should anticipate seeing more of them. This convenient snack dish, which includes a range of cured meats, cheeses, nuts, crackers, and other delectable accompaniments, has recently won the hearts of many thanks to its ideal harmony of flavor and practicality.
This year, charcuterie boards made such a sensation that they not only started to show up on more restaurant menus, but you can also now purchase fully-assembled boards from surprising internet shops. Butter boards, though, are another matter.

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