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Top 10 Grocery stores in US

Do you believe that all supermarkets are essentially the same? That is demonstrably false, particularly in 2016. Even while grocery stores all offer food, what differentiates them from one another is the variety, dedication to providing excellent customer service, and atmosphere. Which, however, is the best? In its yearly analysis of the top supermarkets in the US, the research firm Market Force set out to provide an answer. 10,000 consumers were surveyed by Market Force to assess their satisfaction with “their most recent grocery shopping experience and they’re likely to recommend that grocer to others” for the research.

Here are Top 10 Grocery Stores in US

1. Wegmans

Unquestionably the Cinderella tale of this list is Wegmans. The relatively modest east coast chain of businesses had a powerful rallying cry and received twice as many votes in 2016. The cause? With amazing stores and a big selection, it’s transforming the grocery shopping experience, making the store feel like a miniature city to customers. A bakery, deli, pizza, sit-down restaurant, take-out food, home goods shop, French patisserie, cheese shop with over 300 varieties, caterer, butcher, sushi counter, coffee shop, and pharmacy are all located inside.

2. Publix

For the fourth consecutive year, Publix, a network of shops in the southeast of the country, came in second. The business received high marks in each of the report’s six evaluation criteria, which included cleanliness, product accessibility, and cashier friendliness. Ask any customer about Publix’s deli sandwiches and cookies, and you’re sure to get a positive reaction. Publix also gets excellent marks for its prepared dishes.

3. Trader Joe’s

This year’s study was different from prior ones because Trader Joe’s didn’t place first for the first time. The specialty grocer continues to receive good marks on this year’s report for customer service from cashiers and the condition of the store, but they struggled a little with checkout times and product availability—possibly because they can’t keep their frozen cauliflower rice in stock! Despite all of this, Trader Joe’s is still a fantastic place to economise on necessities, and its well-known low prices on wine are a sure bet.


In recent years, Aldi has developed a cult-like following as a result of its affordable prices and extensive assortment of organic foods. It’s certainly worth it, but you’ll need to bring your own bags and pay a quarter to use a cart. And another good reason to shop there is the twofold guarantee. If you purchase something and decide you don’t like it, you may return it together with your receipt, and they will exchange it for another item and refund your money.

5. Costco

Despite having rather average ratings in the Market Force study (perhaps due to the membership cost), Costco continues to draw a lot of customers. Regulars know you can save a lot of money once you enter.

6. Giant Food Stores

When it comes to all of the different survey points on the list, Giant Food Stores is another retailer you might not be aware with unless you live in the northeast. Fans, though, adore its emphasis on diversity. When it comes to how each store displays its products, the retailers aim to mirror the neighborhoods where they are located.

7. Safeway

In terms of grocery stores, Safeway is quite safe; it’s not particularly noteworthy, but it’s well-known enough to be included on the list. However, Safeway’s pricing is something worth mentioning: In a recent comparison of Safeway and Whole Foods, it was discovered that the former was actually somewhat more expensive than the establishment known as “Whole Paycheck.” In Whole Foods’ defence, there are lots of unexpectedly affordable foods available.

8. Stop & Shop

Mostly concentrated in the northeastern United States, Stop & Shop has a generally positive rap. ” fairly massive supermarket with a fairly decent selection of products and fairly high prices to go with that selection,” customer review. “The meat department isn’t bad, and the deli area is large and staffed by very helpful people who will go out of their way to help you out.” Fair enough.

9. Meijer

A treasure to many Midwesterners—visiting Meijer is almost a pastime for teenagers in Michigan—Meijer excels in both customer service and selection. But unlike many grocery retailers, Meijer is investing more in “big box” stores rather than opening more neighbourhood stores.

10. Walmart

Due to its large business status and camouflage-clad customers who generate popular blog postings, the ubiquitous retailer may have a dubious reputation, but its affordable prices and reputable store brand significantly improve it.

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