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Best Places to visit this Christmas – New York

In many parts of the United States, December is a particularly enchanted month. Christmas celebrations are well underway, and you can sense the happiness and excitement they bring. Nearly wherever you turn, you may find gorgeous Christmas lights, bustling Christmas markets, decorated Christmas trees, and of course, decadent Christmas goodies tempting you. Some of us yearn for snowy winter wonderlands with sleigh rides, trips to Santa’s workshops, and hot cocoa even if we live in warm, bright locations. Others who reside in these winter wonderlands are eager to learn more about You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re unsure about what you want.

I adore how New York City restaurants are decorated for Christmas. Businesses that are already eclectic and inventive add a touch of romance by hanging wreaths, garlands, lights, and ornaments.

The cozy colors and lighting offer the ideal escape from New York City’s typically chilly and gloomy winters. You’d be surprised at how quickly time passes when you’re enjoying holiday cocktails with friends.

Without further ado, let’s get merry! I hope you find this list of the top Christmas restaurants in New York City useful.SERRA by Birreria

– The Italian name of Serra by Birreria, which is situated on the rooftop of Eataly in the Flatiron District, roughly translates as greenhouse brewery. Delicious Italian food and (very) well-made beverages are offered at the seasonally open restaurant.
The restaurant consistently outdoes its prior décor as the seasons change. In the winter, Serra by Birreria becomes Serra Alpina, giving visitors the impression that they are in a cabin in the Italian Alps.
One of the cutest Christmas restaurants in New York City is made up of branches covered with snow on the ceiling. The restaurant is enclosed and properly heated despite being on a rooftop, keeping it as warm as possible.


– Rosemary’s, which is named after the owner’s mother, aspires to create meals with the same care as a home-cooked dinner. In fact, the restaurant has a rooftop vegetable garden where they grow some of the produce, they use to serve customers.
Even better, Rosemary’s is one of New York City’s best restaurants for Christmas decorations. Much though the establishment is adorable as is, it gets even more so when wreaths are hung from the windows and lights are strung from the ceiling.


– One of New York City’s most famous restaurants, Balthazar’s is even more well-known during the holiday season. The Parisian brasserie’s interior is decorated with garlands and sparkling lights, making it the ideal location for a romantic breakfast. Warm colors and red leather booths complete the setting, making it seem like something out of a movie!
The food has been out of this world since Keith McNally founded the restaurant in 1997. The French onion soup is the greatest I’ve ever tasted, and the eggs benedict with smoked salmon is the best I’ve ever eaten.

Tavern On the Green

– Tavern On the Green is a unique location because it was built with Central Park in mind. The 700 sheep that roamed in the surrounding Sheep Meadow were intended to be housed there in the original design.
In 1934, Robert Moses made the decision to convert the old sheepfold into a restaurant, and the rest is history. Due to its appearance in movies and the fact that celebrities visit it, the restaurant has become as one of New York City’s most recognizable.

Oscar Wilde Restaurant & Bar

– The Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde was well-known for his wit and flamboyance in the late 19th century. Sadly, Wilde’s reputation suffered as a result of her love for a man. Being gay was not only frowned upon but also illegal throughout the Victorian era. So much so that it cost Wilde two years in prison
This Victorian-style eatery is a chance to honor what Oscar Wilde stood for today. A remarkable art (and object) collection from the 1800s is housed there, where you may see stained glass from an Irish castle, a French fireplace from the 1840s, and much more.


Papillon Bistro & Bar

– Since papillon Bistro is a sibling establishment of both Lillie’s Victorian Establishment and Oscar Wilde, it should come as no surprise that all three made our list of the greatest Christmas restaurants in New York City. As such, guests should anticipate an extraordinary quantity of holiday decorations.
They have it all, from the outside, which is decorated with illuminated angels and a life-size Santa, to the interior, which resembles something out of a Hallmark movie. Thousands of dazzling lights, bright ornaments, and decorated Christmas trees are everywhere as soon as you enter this eatery.
The ambience is already amazing, but as if that weren’t enough, a huge holiday teddy bear hangs above the entryway.

Keen’s Steakhouse

Keen’s Steakhouse is well recognized for mutton chops, despite what the name might imply. With a 1.5-pound weight each chop, the portions are enormous. When prepared to perfection, the food virtually melts when touched.
The wood paneling and cabin-like atmosphere of the vintage establishment make it one of the top Christmas eateries in New York City. The green wreaths all around the house go perfectly with the wood tones and cozy lighting.


In addition to being one of the greatest Christmas restaurants in New York City during the holidays, leyenda is a Brooklyn bar that sheds a light on Latin-American spirits.
The menu gives well-known beverages from Latin America new twists while staying faithful to its origins. Some of the traditional drinks that have undergone notable updates include the Coquito Ho Ho, Kwanzaa Colada, and Mexican Hot Chocolate.

Loreley Beer Garden

The largest heated outdoor patio in the Lower East Side is found at Loreley Beer Garden, which is also one of the top Christmas restaurants in New York City.
Beginning on November 23rd, Loreley Beer Garden turns into a heated wonderland, fulfilling the dreams of all Christmas aficionados.
To ensure that you don’t miss out on one of the top Christmas restaurants in New York City, I strongly advise booking reservations in advance. You will be surrounded by extravagant Christmas decorations and sparkling lights whether you decide to sit inside or outside.

Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge

The loveliest backdrop for your Instagram photos is provided by Magic Hour’s festive setup of a pink gondola surrounded by pink Christmas trees and ski resort signs. Not to mention, the Empire State Building may be seen in epic views.

The absence of cameras at Magic Hour is the sole drawback. (However, using your phone to snap images is acceptable.) If you go to Magic Hour, one of the cutest Christmas restaurants in New York City, make sure to take pictures of everything you remember.

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