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A World of Flavour: Experience Coffee Cultures Through Keurig

You wake up and reach for your morning brew, but today is different. Today you’re travelling the world through coffee. With the variety of Keurig pods available, your kitchen can become a gateway to exploring distinctive flavours from across the globe.

Get your passport ready, you’re going on a coffee adventure! Your first stop is the Americas. Experience a classic Colombian roast with rich cocoa notes or a vibrant Costa Rican brew with bright citrus aromas. Head across the Atlantic to the robust coffees of Africa, with distinctive Kenyan beans boasting hints of black currant.

Venture further east to the spicy, earthy coffees of Sumatra and the floral, fruity blends of the Pacific. Sample the smooth body of an aged Java or the lively, berry tones of a Hawaiian Kona.

Open your mind and excite your taste buds with a world of flavour. Keurig’s international coffee pods bring the globe to you, so grab your mug and discover your new favourite brew from afar. The adventure begins with your next cup!

Brewing the Perfect Cup: Keurig’s Global Range of Gourmet Coffees

Brewing the Perfect Cup: Keurig's Global Range of Gourmet Coffees

With Keurig, you can embark on a global coffee tour without leaving your kitchen. Their wide range of gourmet pods opens a world of flavours to discover.

Taste the Bold Flavours of South America

Transport yourself to the lush coffee plantations of Colombia and Costa Rica with Keurig’s premium pods. Sip velvety smooth Gevalia Columbian Supremo, with notes of cocoa and caramel, or enjoy Cafe Escapes Costa Rica, boasting a bright citrus aroma and a hint of nutty sweetness. These single-origin coffees highlight the unique terroir of South America’s finest growing regions. What an invigorating way to start your day!

Experience the Sophisticated Flavours of Europe

Recreate a Parisian cafe experience with a cup of rich, full-bodied Cafe Escapes French Roast. Or for an escape to Tuscany, lavish in the nutty aroma of Gevalia Crema Scura, with a lingering sweet finish reminiscent of biscotti dipped in vin santo wine. With coffees crafted to match European tastes, you’ll feel transported with every sip.

Discover Exotic Flavours from Africa and Beyond

Adventure awaits in Keurig’s coffees from Kenya, Sumatra and beyond. Cafe Escapes Kenyan AA, with notes of berry and grapefruit, offers a glimpse into the floral coffees Kenya is renowned for. While Caribou Sumatra, with an earthy body and spicy finish, evokes the volcanic soil of Indonesian rainforests. Exotic, intriguing and downright delicious, these coffees showcase the diversity of the world’s coffee landscapes.

A global tour of coffee is at your fingertips thanks to Keurig’s range of gourmet pods. Now, where in the world will your next coffee journey take you? The possibilities are endless!

Old World vs New World: Comparing Classic European Roasts With Modern Blends

Old World vs New World: Comparing Classic European Roasts With Modern Blends

Transport your taste buds on a thrilling adventure across the globe without ever leaving home. With Keurig’s wide range of international coffee pods, you can experience the unique flavours of different coffee cultures from around the world.

One tantalising stop is continental Europe, home to classic dark roasts that have endured for centuries. Keurig’s French Roast and Breakfast Blend pods highlight the rich, robust flavours of coffees from France and Italy. Or travel to Vienna and savour the smooth, mellow taste of a traditional Viennese coffee, recreated in Keurig’s Vienna Roast. These timeless European coffees are bold yet refined, with chocolatey notes and a hint of spice.

For a livelier taste of the New World, head to Central and South America. Keurig’s Costa Rican and Colombian pods celebrate the bright, vibrant coffees from these regions, with flavours of brown sugar, red fruit, and cocoa. Or go island hopping in the Caribbean with a cup of Keurig’s Coconut Crème – a smooth blend of coffee and coconut milk that transports you to the tropics with every sip.

Wherever your taste for adventure takes you, Keurig has the perfect coffee pod to satisfy your wanderlust. So get ready for a flavourful global tour, all without leaving the comfort of home! With each cup, discover a new world of taste.

FAQs: Common Questions About Keurig’s International Coffees Answered

You’re in for a treat! Keurig offers single-serve pods featuring coffees from all around the world. Experience a quick tour of global flavours right in your own home.

What types of international coffees does Keurig offer?

Keurig provides a variety of pods showcasing coffees from places like Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and beyond. Flavours range from bright, citrusy African coffees to smooth, chocolatey Indonesian brews. Whether you prefer light roasts with fruity notes or dark roasts with hints of spice, there’s something to suit every taste.

How do I know which coffees to choose?

The best way is to sample different options! Keurig’s variety packs let you try coffees from multiple regions so you can explore what you like best. Or check the details for each pod to find tasting notes like “sweet molasses” or “floral aroma”. The details will indicate the pod’s roast level and strength too, so you know what to expect.

Are international coffees sustainable and ethically sourced?

Yes, Keurig is committed to responsible sourcing. They work to build long-term relationships with farmers, promote sustainable farming practices and fair wages for workers. Many pods are Rainforest Alliance Certified, meaning they meet comprehensive standards for environmental protection and social equity.
Go ahead – take your taste buds on an adventure! Whether you want to experience the kick of an espresso-style roast or get lost in the subtleties of a light, fruity blend, Keurig makes it easy to savour coffees from across the globe. So brew a cup, sit back, and enjoy a quick getaway. Your next destination is just a pod away!

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