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Celebrate in Style With Omaha Steaks

You only live once, so make every celebration count! Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or major holiday, go all out and treat yourself and your loved ones to a meal to remember. With Omaha Steaks, you have everything you need to craft a custom menu for any special occasion. Their selection of premium steaks, seafood, sides, and desserts means you can curate a fine dining experience right at home. Surprise your sweetheart with a romantic surf and turf dinner for two, or go big with a family feast to ring in the New Year. Omaha Steaks takes the hassle out of event planning so you can focus on what really matters – enjoying quality time with the people in your life. Make a toast, raise your glass, and get ready to celebrate in style!

The Perfect Birthday Feast: Omaha Steak and Lobster Tail

The Perfect Birthday Feast: Omaha Steak and Lobster Tail

A birthday is the perfect excuse to indulge in a luxurious Omaha Steak and lobster tail feast! Nothing says “celebration” quite like a surf and turf dinner.

Start the evening with Omaha Steak’s signature appetizers like bacon-wrapped fillet mignon skewers or lobster bisque. For the main event, choose between succulent cuts of beef like ribeyes, New York strips, or fillet mignons and pair it with a lobster tail bursting with sweet seafood flavor.

Grill the lobster tails until the shells turn bright red and the meat is opaque and firm. Brush them with garlic herb butter for extra decadence. Serve the lobster alongside your favorite steak and a loaded baked potato or truffle mac and cheese.

With a premium bottle of Cabernet and a decadent chocolate lava cake for dessert, this lavish meal is the ultimate birthday treat! Your lucky guest of honor will never forget such an extravagant dining experience.

For an extra special touch, consider pre-ordering a bouquet of fresh flowers or a customized birthday cake. When the big day arrives, dim the lights, light the candles, and raise a toast to another year of lasting memories and adventures together. A perfect birthday feast courtesy of Omaha Steaks is a gift that keeps on giving!

An Anniversary to Remember: Fillet Mignon and King Crab

An anniversary is meant for celebrating, and Omaha Steaks can help you do it in style! For a memorable meal, we recommend fillet mignon and Alaskan king crab.

Indulge in the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of fillet mignon. This cut is the most tender of all beef steaks, meaning you can serve it on the rare side for maximum flavor and juiciness. Pair it with béarnaise sauce for an extra special treat.

Then delight in the sweet, succulent meat of king crab legs. Their massive size makes them ideal for sharing, so crack them open, dip the meat in garlic butter, and enjoy. King crab is considered by many to be one of the finest seafood delicacies, with a taste and texture that’s completely unique.

To complete your royal feast, add sides like twice-baked potatoes, creamed spinach, and bacon-wrapped asparagus. And of course, no celebration is complete without champagne and a decadent dessert like a molten chocolate cake.

An anniversary dinner this amazing deserves only the best. With premium-quality seafood and the finest cuts of beef, Omaha Steaks provides a meal you’ll remember for years to come. Here’s to many more years of happiness together – bon appétit!

Festive Holiday Menus: Prime Rib and More

Festive Holiday Menus: Prime Rib and More

Nothing says celebration like a perfectly cooked prime rib roast from Omaha Steaks! For a festive holiday meal, a prime rib is always a showstopper.

Order Omaha Steaks’ chef-prepared prime rib roast—it comes pre-seasoned and ready to pop in the oven. While it’s cooking, get your sides ready like twice-baked potatoes, creamed spinach, and mushroom caps. For an extra special treat, add on Omaha Steaks’ signature bacon-wrapped fillet mignon.

Appetizers to Start the Party

Kick off your celebration in style with Omaha Steaks’ premium appetizers. Their jumbo lump crab cakes and grilled shrimp will have your guests raving before the main course is even served. For something warm and comforting, go for the baked brie en route or beef Wellington bites.

A Sweet Ending

For a sweet ending to your meal, you can’t go wrong with New York-style cheesecake, chocolate molten lava cake, or old-fashioned apple crisp. Top it off with vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream for an extra decadent treat.

A memorable meal calls for a memorable ending – celebrate the occasion by raising a glass of champagne or your favorite cocktail. Make a toast, share stories, and laugh with loved ones. A perfect prime rib dinner from Omaha Steaks enjoyed with friends and family, is the ideal way to make any holiday celebration one to remember!

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