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From Office Break Rooms to Home Bars: The Keurig Story

You love your morning cuppa. It gets you going and makes the commute bearable. But once you’re at the office, the break room coffee is barely drinkable. The instant granules they provide are more likely to make your eye twitch than provide a decent caffeine boost. What you wouldn’t give for a proper cup of joe at your desk. Well, dream no more. The humble office coffee machine has had a makeover thanks to the clever bods at Keurig. Their pods provide barista-quality coffee with minimal fuss. Just pop in your favourite blend and let the machine work its magic. From Americanos to Lattes, you can get your coffee shop fix without leaving your desk. Read on to discover how Keurig took over office coffee and brought cafe culture into our homes.

The Humble Beginnings: How Keurig Got Its Start

In 1992, Keurig started out in a garage, experimenting to create a simple solution for office break rooms – single serve coffeemakers and the revolutionary K-Cup pods to go with them. The goal was to provide high-quality coffee one cup at a time without the mess or waste of traditional brewers.

By 1998, Keurig partnered with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to produce their signature K-Cup pods, allowing customers to brew their favourite coffees and teas without the fuss. The K-Cup pod system took the hassle out of cleanup and made enjoying a quick pick-me-up not only possible, but actually pleasant.

Within a few years, Keurig’s single serve systems gained popularity and the company moved into a new facility to keep up with demand. Their innovative brewers and pods were a hit with offices, hotels, and colleges across North America. Homeowners took notice and soon the convenience of Keurig moved beyond break rooms and into kitchens.

In the decades since, Keurig has continued improving their brewers and expanding their K-Cup pod selection. From basic black coffee to flavoured teas, hot chocolates and more, there’s a single-serve option for everyone’s tastes. Thanks to Keurig’s humble beginnings, enjoying your perfect cup of coffee or tea has never been simpler or more customizable. Their journey from a garage-based experiment to revolutionising homebrewing is a true inspiration.

Revolutionising the Coffee Experience: Key Innovations Over the Years

Keurig has been at the forefront of innovation in the coffee industry for over 25 years. Their goal: to make brewing delicious coffee as simple as possible for people with busy lives.

  • In 1998, Keurig launched the first commercial single-serve brewing system. The Keurig K-Cup® pod and brewer revolutionised the way people enjoyed coffee at work. No more waiting for a whole pot to brew or dealing with messy grounds. Just place your pod, press brew and in under a minute you have a perfect single cup.
  • Keurig brought that same convenience and quality to homes with the launch of the first Keurig® home brewing system in 2004. Whether you prefer medium roast, dark roast, decaf or even tea, there’s a K-Cup® pod for everyone.
  • Keurig continues improving their systems, making them smaller, faster and able to produce an even wider range of beverages. The Keurig® K-CaféTM system launched in 2018 allows you to make lattes and cappuccinos right at home with the touch of a button.
  • Keurig’s dedication to sustainability and social responsibility is also at the heart of their innovation. Many of their newest systems are more energy efficient and they continue improving the recyclability of K-Cup® pods.

Keurig has revolutionised how we make and enjoy coffee. Their single-serve systems and K-Cup® pods make enjoying your perfect cup simple, fast and mess-free. Here’s to many more years of coffee innovation!

What’s Brewing at Keurig: Exciting New Products and Technology

Keurig is continually innovating to improve your at-home coffee experience. Here are a few of their latest offerings:

The K-Supreme Plus

The newest version of Keurig’s K-Supreme model features Keurig’s latest MultiStream Technology to help optimise water pressure and facilitate better saturation of coffee grounds during brewing. The result is a bolder, more flavorful cup of coffee. The Plus model also includes a 66 oz water reservoir so you can brew 6 cups before refilling.

New Iced Coffee Capabilities

For the iced coffee lovers out there, Keurig now offers the HyperChiller accessory which instantly chills a hot cup of coffee over ice for a refreshing iced beverage in under 60 seconds. They’ve also introduced new K-Cup and K-Carafe pod options specifically designed to brew over ice with the optimal flavour and strength.

Connected Brewer

Keurig’s connected brewer options like the K-Supreme Plus Smart allow you to schedule a brew time, get notifications when your water is low or if there are any issues with your machine, and provides recommendations for maintenance. You can even download new recipes and get tips for the perfect cup of coffee delivered straight to the display on your brewer. The connectivity helps ensure you never run out of your favourite coffee and gives you more control over customising your brew.

Keurig aims to keep improving the at-home coffee experience through new product innovations and connected technology. The future of coffee is brewing, and Keurig is leading the way. What new capabilities or products would you like to see from Keurig? Share your ideas – they’re always listening to customer feedback and suggestions.

So there you have it – the fascinating story behind how the humble office coffee machine paved the way for a drinks revolution in our homes. From those early days trying to find the perfect brew to the latest innovations in cold drinks and cocktails, Keurig really have come a long way. And with their sights set firmly on the future, who knows what they’ll come up with next. One thing’s for sure, they’ve got their finger on the pulse when it comes to what we want from our hot and cold drinks. It just goes to show how a simple idea, some innovation and an understanding of consumers can take you from the office break room to the heart of homes across the world. Now, how about popping a pod in your machine and raising a cup to the little company that could?

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