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Cozy Up With Westwing: A Guide to Hygge Home Decor

You’re craving a warm and comforting space to escape the daily grind, a place where you can cosy up and unwind. Look no further than embracing the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ in your home decor. Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-guh’) is all about surrounding yourself with things that spark joy and contentment. With Westwing’s curated collection of hygge-inspired goods, you’ll be curled up in your happy place in no time.

Say goodbye to harsh lighting and sterile spaces. Soft ambient glows, natural textures, and inviting furnishings are the name of the game. Layers of plush blankets, oversized pillows, and a crackling fireplace? Yes, please! Your hygge haven awaits. Let Westwing be your guide to crafting a perfectly cosy space this season. Curl up, get comfortable, and prepare to experience the blissful joy of hygge. The long winter nights have never felt so warm and bright.

The Hygge Philosophy: How to Create a Cosy Westwing Home

The Hygge Philosophy: How to Create a Cosy Westwing Home

The hygge philosophy is all about creating a warm, cosy and inviting atmosphere in your home. Westwing has everything you need to achieve maximum hygge and turn your place into a comforting cocoon.

First, focus on lighting. Soft, ambient lighting is key. Stock up on candles, string lights and table lamps to create a warm glow. Dimmer switches are also great for controlling brightness and setting the right mood.

Next, choose furnishings and textiles that are tactile and encourage relaxation. Think chunky knit blankets, plush pillows, sheepskin rugs and upholstered furniture. Run your hands over the soft, sumptuous textures and feel your stress melt away.

Don’t forget accessories that delight the senses. Essential oils, scented candles and fresh flowers fill your space with pleasant aromas. A crackling fireplace, soft music and the sounds of nature create peaceful background noise.

Most importantly, surround yourself with items that spark joy and nostalgia. Photographs of loved ones, childhood books, sentimental trinkets – whatever transports you to happy memories and simpler times.

With the perfect blend of warmth, comfort and nostalgia, hygge helps you find moments of peace and contentment at home. Westwing makes it easy to design cosy living spaces where you can escape from the world, de-stress and reconnect with what really matters. Now get shopping and start creating your very own hygge haven!

Layering Lighting for a Hygge Glow: westwing’s Stylish Solutions

Layering Lighting for a Hygge Glow: westwing's Stylish Solutions

The key to hygge is creating a warm glow that makes you want to cosy up on the couch for hours. Layering ambient lighting with task lighting and accents is an easy way to achieve that perfect hygge halo in your home.

Start with ambient lighting that illuminates the whole room. Floor and table lamps are ideal for creating a soft, general glow. Place them in corners to spread light throughout the space. For extra cosiness, use dimmable bulbs so you can control the brightness.

Task lighting for activities

Add task lighting for the areas where you read, work, cook or dine. Stylish desk lamps, pendant lights over tables and under-cabinet lighting in kitchens focus light where you need it without harsh overhead glare. Westwing’s wide range of task lighting options, from sleek LEDs to rustic industrial designs, provide the perfect hygge solution for any space.

Don’t forget accent lighting to highlight decorative details! Tealights, candles, string lights and spotlights draw the eye to houseplants, artwork, textiles or other cosy touches. Their twinkling glow enhances the inviting atmosphere.

With the right balance of ambient, task and accent lighting, you’ll have a hygge home in no time. So grab your cosiest blanket, a cup of cocoa and enjoy the warm glow of a perfectly layered lighting scheme. Your space will feel as cosy and welcoming as a Scandi-inspired design magazine!

Finishing Touches for a Westwing-Worthy Hygge Haven

Finishing Touches for a Westwing-Worthy Hygge Haven

Now it’s time to add those finishing touches that will transform your space into a cosy Westwing haven.

Throw pillows and blankets are hygge must-haves. Layer patterned pillows, faux fur throws, and chunky knit blankets on your sofa, armchair or bed. Nothing says comfort like being wrapped up in a soft blanket!

Candles are another essential element of hygge style. Group pillar candles, tealights and lanterns of varying heights on tables, mantels and shelves to create a warm glow. Their flickering light creates an inviting atmosphere. For extra cosiness, choose candles with woodsy, spicy or baked scents like cinnamon, clove or pine.

Plants breathe life into any room. Potted greenery helps connect us to nature even indoors. Choose low-maintenance houseplants with rounded leaves like pothos, snake plants or ZZ plants. Display them on plant stands, shelves or tabletops.

Artwork and decor featuring natural textures complete the look. Add elements like woven baskets, stone or wood bowls, rattan placemats and table runners. Framed botanical prints, line drawings or black and white photography also reflect the simple, organic style of hygge.

A few additions can go a long way in creating a space where you feel comfortable, content and sheltered. Focus on the senses – soft textures, natural materials, warm lighting and comforting scents. Keep things uncluttered and avoid anything too loud or jarring. Your perfect hygge haven is within reach! Make Westwing your source for all things cosy and you’ll be curled up enjoying the simple pleasures of home in no time.

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