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Chewy to the Rescue: Pet-Proofing Your Home With Chewy

You love your furry friend to pieces, but let’s be real – Fido and Fluffy aren’t always the most graceful creatures. One zoomie sesh through the house is all it takes to turn your carefully curated home into a disaster zone. But don’t stress! Chewy’s here to help you pet-proof your pad and make it a stylish sanctuary for you and your four-legged BFF. In this guide, we’ll walk you through creating a home that’s safe, comfy, and Insta-worthy for both pets and their people. From childproofing for clumsy canines to decorating damage-proof digs, we’ve got you covered with our favorite finds and pro tips. Get ready to give your pet the castle they deserve while keeping your sanity intact. Let’s do this!

Pet-Proofing 101: Keeping Your Home Safe for Pets

Secure trash and food

The easiest way to keep pets out of the trash and away from human food is by securing lids on trash cans and keeping food stored in cabinets or on counters. Consider getting motion-activated air sprayers or noisemakers to startle pets away from problem areas.

Provide interactive toys to redirect chewing

Puppies and kittens chew to relieve teething pain and out of boredom. Give your pet appropriate chew toys to redirect them from furniture and wires. Puzzle toys that dispense treats can keep pets occupied for hours.

Use cord protectors and double-sided tape

Exposed cords and loose carpeting are tempting chew targets. Wrap cords in protective tubing or tape them to walls. Place double-sided tape on furniture edges and baseboards. The sticky sensation will teach pets to avoid those areas.

Consider creating when you’re away

If you have a particularly curious or anxious pet, crating them when you’re not home can prevent destructive behavior and keep them safe. Make sure any crate is properly sized for your pet, and never leave them crated for more than a few hours at a time.

With some simple pet-proofing steps, patience, and redirecting your pet’s energy into appropriate toys and play, you’ll have a furry friend and a home you can enjoy damage-free. Keep at it, be consistent, and before you know it, your pet will get the hang of it.

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Stylish Pet Furniture and Décor From Chewy

Chewy carries a variety of trendy yet affordable pet furniture and accessories to give your home a stylish touch of pet-friendly decor. Their selection ranges from essentials to unique statement pieces that will complement any decor theme.

Cozy Pet Beds

For maximum comfort, check out Chewy’s plush orthopedic pet beds. Their Big Barker orthopedic bed is ideal for large breeds, providing therapeutic support for joints. For smaller pets, the Frisco quilted fleece bed offers a cozy nest to snuggle into. With a variety of chic colors and patterns available at budget-friendly price points, you’ll find the perfect bed to match your decor.

Practical Feeding Stations

Chewy’s feeding stations keep the mess contained while providing an elevated dining experience for your pet. The Petmate EZ Reach feeding station has an adjustable height to suit different-sized pets and breeds. Its simple yet stylish design will blend into any home decor seamlessly. For a fun pop of color in your kitchen, the Frisco bone-shaped double diner is ideal.

With trendy pet furniture and decor from Chewy, you can create a stylish space for your four-legged family members without compromising your home’s aesthetic. They offer innovative and affordable solutions to keep your pet comfortable, contained, and chic. You’ll be able to welcome guests into a home that reflects your unique sense of style as well as the love you have for your pets.

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Shop Chewy for the Best Pet-Proofing and Décor Essentials

Once you’ve assessed the pet-proofing needs of your home, head to for all the essentials. Chewy offers high-quality products at affordable prices, with fast shipping so you can get your home pet-ready ASAP.

Dog and Cat Crates

Crates provide a safe space for your pets and also protect your home. Wire crates, like the Frisco Fold & Carry Double Door Crate, keep pets contained but still allow them to see out. For anxious pets, consider an aluminum crate like the Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel. Crates also make housetraining a breeze.

Stain and Odor Removers

Accidents happen, so stock up on stain and odor removers designed specifically for pet messes. Products like Nature’s Miracle Advanced Stain & Odor Remover and Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain & Odor Remover use enzymes and bacteria to fully eliminate smells that attract pets to the same spot. For tough stains, pretreat the area before washing as directed.

Pet Gates

Pet gates like the Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate help keep pets out of areas you want to protect. Look for gates that are tall enough to contain your pet and suitable for the space you need to block off. For wide openings, a freestanding pet gate is a great option. For doorways, a pressure-mounted gate works well. Hardware-mounted gates provide the most security but require installation.

Chewy truly has everything you need to pet-proof your home and keep it stylish. From crates to cleaners, gates to placemats, Chewy helps ensure peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying life with your pets.

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